Velcro Sticky Wall Inflatable Interactive Game –  No matter what you call it;  fly trap, sticky wall it has been a popular attraction ever since it debuted on late night television years ago.

Made famous by David Lettermen, this game continues to be a popular attraction for teens and adults as well.  After proms, company picnics and after graduation parties are just of the many places this inflatable has gained popularity.   The contestant wears a jumpsuit covered in velcro strips.  When ready, they run, jump, bounce and then stick against the velcro surface of the inflatable.  It’s like a human flypaper


Velcro Sticky Wall Inflatable Interactive Game

Attraction Information:

Alternative Names:  Sticky Wall,  Fly Trap

Age Recommendation:  10 and up
Occupancy Per Ride: 
Capacity Per Hour: 
Occupant Min. / Max. Height: 
44″ / 78″
Occupant Max Weight: 
Actual Ride Size When Inflated ( LxWxH ): 
24 x 12 x 15 feet
Space Required ( LxWxH ): 
34 x 22 x 19 feet
Electricity Required: 
One 120V 15-20 amp dedicated circuit
Unit Weight: 
280 Lbs.
Popular Usage: 
Company Picnics, School Carnival, Church Carnival, Corporate Events, Employee Engagement, After Proms,  Birthdays, and After Graduation Parties

Included with this unit:

  • Inflatable Unit
  • The appropriate size and number of stakes
  • The appropriate blower(s) – Blower equipped with a 4′ power cord.  A heavy-duty extension cord will be required – 50′ Maximum distance to outlet
  • One protective ground cloth
  • Two Velcro Suits


Additional Comments:

  • Multiple units may be available, please consult with your Magic representative for availability.
  • Similar interactive games and activities may be available
  • Amusement Permits may be necessary depending on state or locality
    • All inflatable devices must be anchored by metal stakes or approved alternative anchoring method –  Failure to anchor device could result in injury or death
  • Generators and power distribution equipment is available.
    • Delivery, Set Up, Operation and Strike not included – but  may be available for your event

Additional Information:

* Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary

** Product data is for general information. Dimensions and weights are approximate. Most information is deemed accurate but may vary according to different manufacturers and models. Always consult with your Magic Special Events professional event planner for more information.

*** Prices do not reflect Sales and Rental Tax, Damage Waiver, or cleaning charges when applicable

****Prices subject to change without notice