Rain Room Mist Tent Rental Provides a Large 20’x20′ Area For Cooling

Water Mister…Be Cool! For those hot summer days its a cool off area for kids and adults.  Our large frame tent with a unique misting device delivers and ultra fine mist which can provide a cooling effect of 20 degrees or more without soaking your guests. The large design provides 400 sqft of cooling space for your guests.


Rain Room Misting & Cooling Tent

Attraction Information:

Age Recommendation:    All ages
Occupancy:   12 – 20
Capacity Per Hour:   varies
Occupant Max Weight:  NA
Actual Attraction Size When  Set Up ( LxWxH ):  20′ x 20′ x 13′
Space Required ( LxWxH ):   22’x22’x15′

Set Up Time:  45 minutes

Electricity Required:   Yes  –   Dedicated circuit ( 120 Volt 15 amp ) with 100′

Water Required: Yes  – standard hose connection within 100′

Attendants Required:   No

Popular Uses: School and Church Carnivals, Festivals, Fund-Raising, Company Picnics, Block Party and National Night Out

Included with this unit:
• Custom tent, anchoring method,  misting equipment and 100′ of hose.

Additional Comments:
• Please consult a Magic event professional for other cooling options for your event
• Grass or hard surface installations available.
• Adult supervision suggested
• Delivery not included in price

Additional Information:
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