Popcorn Machine… 2 Wheel Nostalgic or Vintage Cart Styling

This popcorn machine produces large amounts quickly and attracts guests with its classic styling.



Popcorn Machine 2 Wheel Nostalgic or Vintage Wagon

Product Information
Item Dimensions: ( LxWxH ) : 34x28X74 inches
Weight: 95  lbs
Electricity Required: 120 volt – 13.5  amp ( 1590 watts  )  * DEDICATED CIRCUIT REQUIRED
Suggested Space Needed: ( LxWxH): 10’X10’X7′
Table Required:  Suggested
Set Up Time:  15 – 20  minutes
Servings Per Hour:   220 serving bags ( 1/2 oz each ) per hour  – For more servings per hour please consider multiple machines….For fewer  servings per hour please refer to one of smaller  machines.
Circus, Carnival, Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Football

Additional Information:

Complete popcorn catering with attendants to serve your guests is available.
The following items are available at an additional cost:  Vending Tray,  Serving Cart,
Table, Carnival table cover, and  linens
Set up and tear down services are available at an additional cost

Additional Comments:

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